Hi there, I’m Chiel.

I’m a 28-year-old guy from Holland. I enjoy making digital stuff, which I currently do for Lifely in Amsterdam. Since I have a bad case of wanderlust I’ve lived in such places as London, Stockholm and Saudi-Arabia in the past.

Most people would classify me as a frontend developer, but I like to think I’m pretty all-round. Leveraging knowledge on both the light and dark side helps me come up with quality software architecture and write code that works well.

I work well in teams and enjoy the perks of having worked at companies of various sizes and in the last few years I’ve also gained experience in leading smaller teams to victory.

You can find some of my code on my github profile. Aside from coding I enjoy watching movies & series, playing bass guitar, listening to music (& going to concerts) and playing video games. I’ve recently also picked up skateboarding again—wish me luck!